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larryIn addition to being the Executive Director of The Student/Athlete Educational Foundation, Doc, as he is affectionately called by hundreds of athletes, is a licensed and nationally certified massage and trigger point therapist with a private practice in
Woburn, MA.

Doc is well-known by athletes at all levels including youth,  high school, college, Jr. hockey and many other sports organizations.

With his 25 years of experience, his reputation for helping athletes perform better, stay healthy and, when necessary, heal from injuries…often more quickly and completely than traditional medical services.

“I developed SAEF, Inc. because so many athletes do not receive all the information they need for peak performance.  When athletes come to me for help, they have loys of questions about nutrition, hydration, stretching and lts more.”

So if you are within traveling distance of Doc’s office, make an appointment and find out how Doc’s sports massage and trigger point therapy can help you.  His fee for athletes is only $20.00

You can contact Doc at 781-850-4520 or his mobile phone at 781-718-3233 or email him at

You will be glad you did…believe the hundreds of athletes who have benefited from his help.

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