My Career Planner

ItEngineer with a models never too early for you to begin thinking about the future.  As a freshman you will be spending your time getting used to high school in general.  As a sophomore or junior you should begin developing a picture of your skills and abilities as well as your interests and temperaments.

Many of you will want to play your sport in college.  If you have some ideas of what you might want to pursue as a career, it will help you begin your college search.

We have included some great information here that you can use to develop a vocational picture of yourself.  It can be a lot of fun to do this and it will help you pay more attention to your classes in high school.  You might want to do this with a good buddy.  This way you can help each other with the investigation.

To begin your journey, the best resource is the occupation Network at  Once you log in, look to the right where it says, “I want to be..” It will take you to an amazing resource to help you explore the world of work.  (  This can be a lot of fun and it will help you add career information to your over-all plan

You can also use the link below to help you get in touch with your various interests and other attributes that will help you choose a potential career

My Career Planning

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