Hold-Relax Stretching

This stretching method replaces the conventional bounce-stretch exercises currently being practiced by most athletes. This has turned out to be mostly ineffective and in many cases even harmful to the body.

Read about Hold-Relax stretching…and download below.

Hold-Relax is the most gently method of stretching, while at the same time giving a surprisingly fast and effective increase in flexibility.

The methods outlined in this manual have been long used by physical therapists and bodyworkers and have recently been adopted by athletic trainers and coaches.

The exercises included in this method are easy to learn and can be done year round without equipment.

Stretching exercises should be part of all training programs, both during warmup and during relaxation after workouts. Since these smooth, harmonic exercises also contribute to psychological relaxation, your flexibility training becomes even more effective.

What is unique about this stretching method is that it also has proven to be helpful in preventing injuries. There is a definite correlation between tight shortened muscles and the origin of injuries. When stretching is done according to the tighten-relax-stretch method, the risk of injuries- sprains, strains and inflammation- in muscles and tendons is greatly reduced.

hold-relax stretching

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