Welcome to The Student/Athlete Educational Foundation!

We have developed this site to help high school  student/athletes gain access to all the important
information and resources needed to achieve your goals, stay healthy and enjoy their chosen sport.

The life of high School athlete is very busy and stressful.   You need a lot of information and resources so you can develop your own personal plan  This site will help you organize your life so you will be in charge of you.

Think about this:  You have family, friends and the community to work with.  You also have many activities regarding school – choosing classes, extra-curricula activities, sports, homework and more.  You also have to think about your career potential and college choices.

When it comes to  dealing with your athletic life, there are workouts and conditioning,  nutrition, hydration, injury-prevention, recovery, stress management and practice.

We work with some of the best athletes from all over New England.  When we reviewed their backgrounds, we realized they all had a personal plan that included every aspect of their busy life.  It is obvious this is why they are successful…they each manage their own life leaving nothing to chance.  Let’s do that for you!

You will find resources here for every aspect of your life including strength conditioning, nutrition in all its aspects, flexibility and range of motion, stress and time management and mental readiness.

You will also find a complete college listing for all sports, by association and/or sport and gender and we have included information of career development.

Take some time to look over the website.  You will learn that it isn’t that difficult to develop your own personal plan for success.  Everything you need is here.  Good Luck!

Start your journey with us by reviewing “My Plan For Me”

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