Welcome to The Student/Athlete Educational Foundation!

We are currently in the process of developing this site to help high school and college student/athletes gain access to all the important
information and resources needed to achieve your goals, stay healthy and enjoy their chosen sport.

High School and college athletes come in three groups.  The first group are those who just join a team so it looks good on their resume or college applications.  The second group are those who just want to belong and enjoy the sport.  The third group is the group for whom we have developed this site…the athlete who loves the sport, enjoys the competition, dreams of being a star and playing at a higher level.   Does this describe your dreams?  Then read on…

We work with some of the best athletes from all over New England.  When we reviewed their backgrounds, we realized they all had a personal plan that included every aspect of their busy life.  It is obvious this is why they are successful…they each manage their own life leaving nothing to chance.  Let’s do that for you!

You will find resources here for every aspect of your life including strength conditioning, nutrition in all its aspects, flexibility and range of motion, stress and time management and mental readiness.

You will also find a complete college listing for all sports, by association and/or sport and we have included information of career development.

Take some time to look over the website.  You will learn that it isn’t that difficult to develop your own personal plan for success.  Everything you need is here.  Good Luck

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